Packnet’s mobile packing and crating services for large custom equipment

Packnet’s mobile packing and crating services for large custom equipment

Custom equipment manufacturers tend to have several characteristics in common:

  • Strong electro-mechanical design capability
  • High level of metal fabrication and machining
  • Expertise in controls
  • Good material knowledge

One characteristic that is not on this list is expertise in packaging and crating.  Their core competency is designing, fabricating and testing equipment; crating the equipment is not something that they are particularly strong at.  As sophisticated their equipment is, often the packaging and crating designs need to handle a diverse and stringent set of requirements.   For many custom machine builders, each project is different than the last.   Each shipment has a unique set of requirements.   Many equipment builders may ship product once or twice a week or less.  The equipment they build tends to be large, complex bulky and EXPENSIVE.    Lead times on many manufacturers are 8-20 weeks, so once the project is finished, it is a must that there is zero chance of product damage during packing, shipping or unpacking.  Yet if the packaging and crating concepts are poorly done, the chances of problems during shipment can skyrocket.

This is where Packnet’s Mobile Crating service is an ideal solution.   For a typical application Packnet will:

  • Meet with client to discover & review the entire scope of project and present packaging options and make recommendations.
  • Custom engineer an effective packaging solution that reduces the risk of product damage during handling.
  • Custom fabricate this solution using its extensive fabrication capabilities and expertise in packaging materials. The solution may include special types of foam cushioning, built in ramps, humidity control, and impact monitoring and corrosion inhibitors.
  • If need be, test out the concepts to ensure that the packaging can handle expected conditions using certified testing systems.
  • And finally, bring the prefabricated crating systems out to the client’s facility and have our experienced technicians pack and load at the manufacturers loading dock.

Packnet has been serving local equipment and machine manufacturers with its convenient and cost effective mobile packaging service for the past 28 years.   Packnet has helped solve packaging issues for extremely complex requirements, and almost always get rave reviews from our customers.

The video below is an example of our mobile packing and crating service in action.

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