Panel cutting is one of Packnet’s core competencies

Panel cutting is one of Packnet’s core competencies

Many of Packnet’s custom packaging solutions require the use of panels in the fabrication of a crate or container.  The panels are rectangular or square and can any size.  Common materials are OSB, MDF, plastic corrugated, plywood and some laminates. 

Packnet can precisely cut panels very efficiently by using its CNC Holzma HPP 250 Horizontal Beam Saw with Optilift.  With its material handling and computerized features, a large amount of material can be converted to precise panel sizes in a very short period of time.  Money is saved not only from the high converting speed, but from reduced material usage as the machine automatically calculates the best way to maximize sheet utilization.

Packnet not only utilizes this unique capability for its packaging solutions, but it offers panel cutting as a contracted service.   Packnet will convert any volume of panels on a variety of materials.

More information on its panel cutting services.

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