Precision Cutting Options

Precision Cutting Options

Packnet has a variety of options when it comes to precision cutting; volume, tolerances and material are some of the factors that determine the best choice in cutting technology.  

Waterjet Cutting:  Ultra-high jet stream of water positioned by a precision x-y head.   Waterjet technology is very versatile and can accurately cut soft delicate materials without charring the material.   No tooling is required and set up is fast.  Just about any material can be cut by waterjet cutting.

CNC Routing:   Computer numerical control routing creates product parts that are precise and repeatable.     Cutting and routing can be done in three directions so that complex shapes can be quickly and accurately produced.  Routing tips can be automatically switched during the operation thereby maximizing efficiency.   CNC Routing is ideal for creating 3 dimensional products.

Die Cutting:   Steel rule dies are used to stamp parts similar to how a cookie cutter works.   The process is very repeatable and ideal for high volumes.  Steel rule dies can be stored and used for multiple production runs.  Foam, plastic sheets, corrugated plastic, fiberboard, chipboard are some of the materials that are typically cut.   Packnet uses one of the largest flat die bed cutters in the industry, measuring 80” X 115” so extremely large parts can be cut out.

Horizontal Beam Saw Cutting:  Wood or plastic sheets can be rapidly run through this machine enabling rapid and accurate cut to size.  Multiple sheets up to a combined 3” thickness can be loaded onto air tables where the material is easily maneuvered for processing.   This machine is ideal for creating large volumes of precision sized panels.

Optimizing Cut-off Saw:  Wood stock can be accurately and quickly cut-to length.  Machine is capable of processing rough mill stock while scanning and cutting out defect.   Machine automatically optimizes the cutting to maximize material utilization.   Pressure rollers allow the machine to process warped material.

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