Precision Cutting Services

CNC Router

Computer numerical control (CNC) routing is programmed with a language commonly referred to as G-Code and it opens up a world of opportunities. CNC routing is similar to hand routing only incredibly accurate and much faster. Packnet utilizes Enroute design and tool-pathing software to generate the G-Code that controls the routing operation.

We are able to produce parts that are precise and repeatable with no minimum order. Packnet is also able to produce a single part or a production order in the thousands.

Packnet’s 5′ x 10′ Omnitech routers have an eight-position automatic tool changer and a nine-position vertical-boring block. Multi-bit tool changers make the task of switching router bits faster; eliminating down time which creates a more cost-effective part.

The Omnitech router moves and cuts in three directions at once creating simple or complex patterns and shapes quickly. These patterns are virtually impossible to produce with manual operations that are too labor intensive and prone to errors.

Document Interchange format (DXF) files are the ideal way to send Packnet your projects and inquiries. If your concept is preliminary, a simple sketch with dimensioned sizes can be faxed to us for evaluation and quoting.