Precision Cutting Services

Cut-to-Length Parts

Packnet’s OMGA 2020 Optimizing Cut-off Saw combines efficiency, accuracy and waste minimization when processing wood stock to a desired length.

The efficiency is particularly suitable for high production requirements given its very high maximum feed speed of 600 feet per minute and is capable on average of 80 to 90 cuts per minute. Its five-station sort system and waste removal process greatly reduces material handling by categorizing and sorting the lengths cut, and eliminating the handling of front and end cuts.

The accuracy comes from the saw’s ability to hold tolerances to a maximum of one millimeter per meter of material. The seven top pressure rollers are able to compensate for dimensional variations of rough mill stock.

Minimizing waste is accomplished through the saw’s computer system. A variety of cutting projects are loaded into the software program and the system optimizes each length of material by calculating any possible combination of size and quantity to be processed. The saw can also scan and cut out defects, if desired.