Precision Cutting Services

Panel Cutting

Packnet is able to offer a cut-to-size order service with minimal material handling, efficient cutting cycles and extreme precision and accuracy. We do all of this with our CNC Holzma HPP 250 Horizontal Beam Saw with Optilift. This workhorse of a saw allows for cutting an entire range of panel materials such as plywood, laminates, MDF, OSB, particleboard, plastics, or other panel products. The computerized cut planning program optimizes cutting requirements to save money and reduce waste.

The Optilift feature automatically loads multiple sheets, called a “book,” onto the air tables where the operator can easily maneuver the material for processing. The saw’s program fence is equipped with six pneumatic clamps, which fully seats the material and automatically positions itself for the desired cutting sequence. The saw carriage will then process the material at up to 266 feet per minute. The automatic material length-cutting feature then uses optical sensors to detect the completion of the desired cut and positions itself for the next cut.