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Rapid Product Prototyping

3D modeling takes digital input from 3D data and creates solid, 3D parts through an additive, layer-by-layer process. It is used extensively by designers and engineers for concept development and product design to accelerate the design process and reduce the time to market.

How does Rapid Prototyping Work?

Rapid prototyping is a technology that takes a 3D computer model and builds a 3D part by building layers upon layer of material. Its speed and low cost allow design teams to confirm their new designs early and frequently in the process.

NueSku utilizes the new enhanced BST1200es System with ABS Plus material that is up to 60 percent stronger than the original ABS. ABS Plus is the material of choice by leading manufacturers because of its versatility. ABS models can also be drilled, tapped and threaded. ABS models allow you to inexpensively explore multiple concepts quickly and affordably to review with everyone on the product development design team.

3D Models

3D models provide the ability to communicate appearance prototypes of any complexity directly from digital data, quickly and inexpensively.

Product mockups allow you to see your product and catch design flaws before going into production, saving you both time and money. Presentation Models are ideal for use in focus groups, trade shows and other sales and marketing activities.

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