Today’s practices of implementing ecologically sensitive initiatives and environmental sustainability are a focus for many of our customers. We work with our customers to develop innovative packaging options that highlight key performance improvements such as reusability and environmental friendliness, materials savings, and cost reductions.

Ideas and processes that conserve resources and promote efficiencies are inevitably going to improve cost effectiveness. Our reusable product, the PermaPal™ pallet container, combines all of these benefits. The innovative PermaPal container is a virtually indestructible, rotation molded, medium density polyethylene, reusable container system.

The benefits of the PermaPal container include:

  • PermaPal containers are reusable eliminating the need to purchase shipping materials or dispose of expendable packaging
  • Standard colors are gray and black, but other colors are available.
  • Each container weighs 30 pounds and is sized at approximately 29”x29”x9” inside dimension. This reduces the time when weigh counting products.
  • Product damage due to packaging failure is eliminated.
  • Reduction in storage space as the PermaPal can be forklifted from all four sides and stacked. The unique sizing allows these pallet boxes to fit within narrow aisles.
  • Optional reusable corrugated plastic liners are available and snap into place