We take pride in the level of service we provide in engineering wooden crates, pallets and skids, and our Slot-Lock™ containers from scratch for any industry. Our wood packaging materials create cost effective, reliable and ISPM 15 compliant custom packaging for low and high-volume packaging needs.

Examples of our custom crates and wood packaging options include:

  • Fully Enclosed Crates & Boxes
  • Custom Skids & Pallets
  • Slot-Lock™ Containers
  • Trade Show & Reusable Crates
  • Crating Services

There are several ways our wood packaging and services can reduce your waste and costs. They include:

  • Developing new packaging – we engineer custom solutions for specific needs
  • Improve current packaging – eliminate damage failure in existing packaging designs
  • Manufacturing of present packaging – use your own design on small scale or high- volume packaging levels
  • Reusable crates – reduce packaging waste and save for future use
  • Collapsible wooden crates – crates collapse to save space

Whether your needs require high volume packaging or custom crating , we have the skills, tools and materials to ensure success

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Slot-Lock™  is Packnet’s proprietary reusable container which uses no hardware, reduces damage, and comes in custom sizes.

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Pallets & Skids

Packnet manufactures and provides customized pallets in any volume. Custom pallets are designed using a variety of  materials together

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