The Slot-Lock™ Container is Packnet’s proprietary reusable container which uses no hardware, reduces damage, and comes in custom sizes.The Slot-Lock™ Container can be set up or knocked down in seconds without staples, nails, screws, or hardware clips. The container utilizes a slot-and-tab design that eliminates nail or staple guns, hammers or screw guns. Installing plastic or metal bands around the container secures the locked panels to the pallet. Slot-Lock containers are incredibly strong due to their locking slot and tab design. Unlike other nail-less boxes on the market, the Slot-Lock container does not require any loose hardware clips or metal tabs that can get lost or bent. The Slot-Lock’s design integrates the locking feature of the container into the panels themselves. Three panels can be assembled to aid with container loading or unloading, if desired.

The benefits of the Slot-Lock Container include:

  • Economical for one-way shipments
  • ISPM15 compliant-export
  • No screws/nails/clips
  • Reduced weight and space savings
  • Quick assembly
  • Standard or custom sizes 
  • ISTA3B Tested and approved