Packnet has extensive industry experience in helping customers define their needs and address their existing issues in packaging. Whether your needs require high volume packaging or custom crating for unique cargo, we have the skills, tools and materials to ensure success.

Several ways our wood packaging reduces total costs and waste include:

  • Developing new packaging – we engineer custom solutions for specific needs
  • Improve current packaging – eliminate damage failure in existing packaging designs
  • Manufacturing of present packaging – use your own design on small scale or high volume packaging levels
  • Reusable crates – reduce packaging waste and save for future use
  • Collapsible wooden crates – crates collapse to save space

Reusables/One-way Wooden Crates

Reusable packaging containers can be one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods for industrial packaging. The most common distribution package is designed for a one-trip, throw-away application and cost reduction is achieved through the “minimally adequate” design concept. However, companies today are now recognizing areas of cost reduction through the development of returnable packaging container programs.

Packnet has extensive experience in analyzing your potential for utilizing a reusable/returnable system and complete design capabilities to put the correct type of reusable system into place.


Examples of our custom crates and wood packaging services include these options:

  • Wooden One-way Crates
  • Reusables – Slot-Lock Container
  • Snap-Tight Crates
  • Slat Crates
  • Fully-enclosed wood boxes
  • Hybrid
  • Trade Show Crates

Trade Show Crates

Packnet has been designing and fabricating extremely sturdy, reusable, custom wood trade show crates for more than 25 years. Our experience tells us that trade show crates are often mishandled as they are taken in and out of exhibit halls. We factor handling and wear and tear issues into the design process.

Highlights of Packnet’s wooden trade show crates include time and budget saving options as well as special features. We design user friendly and flexible designs that allow for easy unloading/loading, therefore, saving time spent on the tradeshow floor setting up. Our custom designed interiors save space and provide compartments for all contents, keeping them secure.

Our lead times vary from one day to two weeks for multiple crates and customization. Costs vary depending on quantities and customization.

Snap-Tight Container

If your job requires strong, secure containers that can stack easily, Packnet’s Snap-Tight™ Container is a revolutionary design that saves you space, money, and time.

The innovative Snap-Tight Clips with heavy-duty plywood to create stackable, durable containers that will last. They’re ISPM-certified and heat-treated, so they can be used domestically or internationally. These ultra-strong, ultra-secure containers will:

  • Save space – they have greater stackability than standard nail crates
  • Reduce dunnage expenses because they’re reusable time and time again
  • Save time and more space – items can be crated in minutes rather than hours. When not in use, the Snap-Tight™ system attaches the sides and top to the base, creating a smaller, one-piece unit that’s convenient to store and transport.

The tolerance of each container is identical because the components are manufactured on a high-velocity CNC machine. The clips snap into routed cutouts, making them stronger than nails or screws. Each Snap-Tight Container can be customized and engineered to safely move fragile components across the state or across the world. Packnet is known for its customization abilities. We can do this for the new Snap-Tight Container in these ways:

  • Custom sizes
  • Side panel ramps
  • Doors with hinges
  • Removable slats
  • Eye bolt tie-downs *Photos
  • T-nut bolt-through mounting points
  • Floating floors
  • Foam cushion runners
  • Variety of dividers for the interior and foam inserts

The Snap-Tight Container system is ideal for trade shows. Having one durable, reusable crate that contains show items such as vacuums, chairs, carpeting, TVs, or other essentials, helps avoid expensive rental charges and reduces time spent on logistics.

These containers can be built to fit nearly any industrial packaging industry request. They make life a lot simpler and business a lot better. Our experts also engineer numerous other packaging solutions, all of which can be customized.



Hybrid packaging, or a custom design using a combination of materials, has been growing in popularity as customers realize they can get packaging that exactly fits their needs. Examples of hybrid packaging include wood and corrugated hybrid designed containers for one way shipments, or kits with z fold sleeves that allow for space savings and ship K/D inside trays,  wooden trade show crates with custom foam interiors with multiple compartments, or a variety of materials combined together.

There are many options to create custom designs utilizing a combination of materials. By working with our packaging designers, they can help you develop hybrid options that can be budget sensitive, highly effective and user friendly.

Customization Options for Packnet’s Wooden Crates:

  • Spring loaded handles
  • Butterfly twist latches (link locks) for easy access
  • Hinges, hasps and locking features
  • Swivel and rigid casters
  • Reinforced steel hardware
  • Ramps
  • Carpet and felt lining
  • Polyethylene and urethane foam interiors
  • Adjustable partitions for multi-uses
  • Four-way entry pallet base
  • Reinforced plywood gusset designs
  • Side/end load or top load or combination of features and styles
  • Construction made of glue, screw and nails. Most reusable crates are constructed from higher grade plywood to withstand time and handling
  • Ink stencil and labeling options, brand and company identification, symbols

Total costs vary significantly depending on customization and quantities ordered.