Protecting your products with environmentally friendly materials

Protecting your products with environmentally friendly materials

Protecting the surface of a large metal product or part can be a real challenge.   Hot and cold temperatures, rain, sleet and snow, salt and other deicer s can be particularly rough on metal surfaces.    Cortec Corporation has a variety of environmentally friendly solutions that can protect your product, whether it is just a temporary need during transport, or a long term outdoor storage need.  Consider some of the potential uses:

One scenario is a manufacturer of large metal mechanisms where metal components need protection before final assembly and finishing.   A company like Caterpillar that builds huge hauling and moving equipment and road graders would be a good example.   Often times the product is final assembled after it is transported in sections to its destination.   In this case the components need a temporary coating that protects the surface until the final assembly step and needs to be easily removed.  Cortec supplies products that are ideal for that situation.  The material can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping.  The material provides a durable waxy coating that protects the surface from rust and scratches.   Then the material can be easily washed off with an environmentally friendly solvent.

A second situation might be a metal surface that must withstand long term exposure to the environment.  Pump stations or even a truck bed would be some good examples.  Cortec provides an easy to apply (one step primer and top coat).  The product has excellent durability and can withstand some of the harshest environments.

The final scenario is structural steel used on a bridge.   It is usually difficult to do a great job of surface preparation on these metals because of the bridge construction process and accessibility of the metal girder.   Cortec offers a product that will provide an excellent surface for top coating and is extremely durable.   It can adhere to metal surfaces that have marginal surface preparation.

There are literally 100’s of scenarios where Cortec has the ideal solution.  We mentioned three in this article.

Cortec products are 100% environmentally safe and compete with environmentally harsh chemicals in terms of effectiveness.   For a complete listing of Cortec products that Packnet distributes please see our corrosion inhibitor page.


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