Reusable Packaging Saves Money and the Environment

Reusable Packaging Saves Money and the Environment

Packaging, while extremely valuable for safely transporting or storing products, usually doesn’t add much functionality to the product.  It simply gets discarded when the product reaches its destination.   For larger and more expensive industrial products, packaging containers can be fairly expensive so why not reuse it?

Reusable containers will save money and are environmentally friendly as they don’t get discarded.   Reusable packaging is ideal for products that get regularly transported between source and destination.  If you have an ongoing relationship with a supplier or customer, then you need to investigate the return on using reusable packaging systems. 

Packnet offers a variety of options for reusable packaging.  Our engineers can analyze your supply chain process and develop solutions that not only reduce shipping costs, but can reduce overall material handling for everyone in the supply chain.

Packnet’s solutions include:

Gemstar shipping Cases:  Ideal for transporting delicate equipment.

Slot lock containers:  Reusable, collapsible containers that don’t require screws or nails.

PermaPal™:  Innovative pallet box containers that are virtually indestructible. They are constructed out of medium density polyethylene and are rotationally molded.

Industrial Carts:  Specialty carts and platforms that can solve your storage and transportation challenges. Wood, plastic and metal material options.

Trade Show Cases & Crates:  Custom built reusable wooden crates or plastic ATA cases with casters and handles that are designed to safely and efficiently store, transport and handle your trade show display systems.

Custom Wood Crating:  Crates that are custom designed and fabricated to meet your exact storage and shipping requirements.

Corrugated Plastic:  Collapsible or set up reusable plastic corrugated totes, bins, dividers and layer pads to fit bulk containers.

Bulk Bins & Plastic Pallets: As an authorized leading Buckhorn dealer and distributer, we supply a wide selection of plastic bulk boxes, totes, bins and plastic pallets.

Packnet can transform your packaging paradigm from a necessary cost into a material handling system that can save you time, material and the environment.

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