Reusable Packaging

Custom Soft-Sided cases

Packnet is now carrying a new product line of soft wall cases. Like many options that Packnet offers, these cases are custom designed and fabricated, durable, and perfectly engineered to meet exact handling needs. Soft-sided cases are ideal when a little more flexibility is needed rather than what a hard case offers. They are easier to store and can be more comfortable to transport.

Soft-sided cases provide options for transportation and storage for a variety of customers who need enclosures for medical devices, electronics/instrumentation, health and safety products, sales demo cases, and much more. These cases are made for both industrial and commercial uses and are made to last.

Soft-sided cases can be fabricated with foam inserts and or corrugated plastic. They can also be branded with your logo sewn on. The soft cases are strong and come in a variety of colors. There is flexibility with the quantities ordered.

Contact Packnet to discover your options for a customized soft case solution to meet your specific handling needs.