Reusable Paper Cartons Costing you More than you Know?

Reusable Paper Cartons Costing you More than you Know?

If your reusable packaging is not lasting more than two uses, or if it takes up too much space, you should investigate better options for your business.

reusablepackaginghomepagelinkReusable packaging helps a lot of companies save time and money. One of the more common forms of these shipping cartons is corrugated paper. For some products, it is the right choice. It is just sturdy enough for a lot of materials and some shipping environments. For other parts and products, paper containers can create a lot of problems that can actually increase your overall cost. In these instances, it is well worth a look beyond paper in reusable packaging.

Take Le Sueur Incorporated’s (LSI) problem, for example. This company supplies aluminum die cast, injected molded parts, sand cast, permanent mold, and precision machined parts and prototypes. The corrugated paper cartons they used to transport injection-molded parts were failing them. The parts are designed for insertion into sensitive, sophisticated equipment. Paper fibers from the package would sometimes contaminate the parts during shipment. In addition, they could rarely be used more than twice, were not water-resistant, required excess warehousing space, and they brought in waste disposal expenses.

For LSI, the solution was a simple one. Packnet recommended using reusable plastic containers. This solved a number of problems and added extra conveniences:

  • Corrugated plastic is lightweight, yet very strong
  • Can be used almost indefinitely under normal handling conditions
  • These cartons are water-resistant
  • Plastic is fiber-free
  • The containers have L-lock tops that do not require tape
  • These cartons offer excellent product protection
  • The cartons are collapsible, taking up a fraction of the warehouse space paper containers demand
  • Offers drastic reductions in package material costs, waste disposal costs, and solid waste stream

Collapsible corrugated plastic is not the only alternative to reusable corrugated paper. Packnet is a leader in packaging solutions for any industrial application. We offer a variety of reusable systems, and we can design a custom package when a standard container doesn’t meet your needs.

When you have the proper packaging system in place, you will build better relationships with your clients and minimize your overall expenses. If your current packaging is causing you any headaches whatsoever, request a free assessment from us. It is worth your time to find out if there is a better reusable container system for your company.

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