Saving money using “nail-less” containers

Saving money using “nail-less” containers

What would you expect to see when viewing crating at the shipping or receiving area of an industrial manufacturing facility?  Staple or nail guns, screw guns or even an old fashion hammer?  The product gets placed in a wood box and then is enclosed by using nails, screws or staples.  When the crate arrives at its destination, crow bars and screw drivers are needed to disassemble the crate and remove the product from the wood packaging.  The wood is usually cracked or chipped in the process, often limiting reuse opportunities.

A Packnet Slot-lock container can be assembled without nails, screws or staples.  Assembling the package is quick and the container can be reused many times.   The locking tab design results in a strong shipping container.  You can load the container with 3 sides assembled.   Slot-lock containers can be customized to meet your exact needs.

There are other nail-less boxes on the market today, but loose hardware clips or metal tabs are required to assemble. Slot-Lock™   containers do not need additional hardware.  They also don’t require hammering hardware tabs to secure.

Slot-lockcontainers save labor and material costs, the reduced weight enables lower shipping costs.  Contact a Packnet representative to find out how a slot lock container can be customized to meet your requirements.

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