Packaging shipping and transport design is often an afterthought. Many companies tend to focus on product development with little, if any, thought on the packaging. We often help our customers reduce costs and increase profitability by assisting them in planning packaging solutions during their product development. Our industrial packaging design mission is always about achieving a balance between cost containment and product protection in the distribution environment.

Packnet’s design and engineering team is second to none in the packaging industry.  Our rapid response and short lead times are what set us apart from the competition.  Our team has more than 100 years of combined engineering and diverse industrial packaging experience. We utilize state of the art tools and programs, such as Solid Works, Cargo Wiz, and Artios, to help prepare concepts and designs, all the while maintaining a collaborative relationship with our customers.

We use unique system and production capabilities that allow us to service high volume customers with repeatable orders containing multiple SKUs, as well as a small manufacturer with a uniquely custom design.

Our design and engineering team isn’t the only team within Packnet that delivers excellence in talent and customer service. Our on-site & industrial crating team and our precision cutting services round out the full complement of services that Packnet utilizes to ensure our customers achieve the greatest return for their custom or industrial packaging solution needs.

Contact Packnet and let our experienced Design and Engineering team assist you with your custom packaging solutions.