One of Packnet’s trademark service offerings is the ability to effectively package sensitive items. Our highly experienced sales, design and packaging engineers are experts in gathering the appropriate data and collaborating with other Packnet professionals to produce the best, and most cost effective, crating to combat the distribution dynamic forces of handling, storage, and transport.

Packnet’s packaging design mission is to achieve optimum costs by balancing the sensitivity of the product, with the protection provided by the packaging, to match the hazards that exist in the distribution environment.

Some examples of the crating and packaging services we offer include:

  • In-house Product Crating
  • On-site Product Crating
  • Ocean Containerization
  • Product Un-Packing
  • Skidding and Palletization
  • Dangerous Goods IATA Packaging
  • Vapor Barrier and Desiccant Packaging
  • VpCI Packaging

On-site Crating and Packaging Services

We know it’s challenging enough to manage and support your current equipment and inventories, and few companies truly have the necessary facilities to store equipment and goods for shipment, as well as the packaging materials and staff skilled in packaging valuable assets. Why devote space and already limited staff time to packing and securing your valuable assets when you can rely on Packnet’s Crating Services to handle your complicated and time-consuming crating issues? We offer on-site technicians to come to your location, or we can arrange to pack your items at our site.


Export Crating and Packaging Services

Packnet’s export crating and packaging services are designed to provide an easy transition for our customers to export their products seamlessly no matter where they’re going.

Packnet will ensure:

  • Crating meets destination country regulations for solid wood packaging
  • Products are packaged to minimize damage from shock, vibration and corrosion
  • Crates are designed to be handled by all international and local shipping methods
  • Containerize your cargo on site, if needed