Slot-Lock containers solve a multitude of packaging and shipping problems

Slot-Lock containers solve a multitude of packaging and shipping problems

One of the biggest challenges that many of our customers face is trying to do more with less.   In particular warehouse or factory space.   Many lean initiatives are shrinking the need for manufacturing space by reducing inventory and more efficiently using floor space.   Some companies have a metric that tracks floor space required per unit built.    Reducing raw material and finished goods  as well as in-process inventory all reduces the floor space required and also improves cash flow as less money is tied up with inventory.

Packaging and storage containers can also take up space; in fact a non-collapsible container can take up more floor space than the product itself. In essence having any inventory of shipping or storage containers can significantly increase the space you need while building a product.

There is an elegant solution for minimizing warehouse space by incorporating collapsible shipping and storage containers.    Specifically, Packnet has a unique reusable product called Slot-Lock.  Slot-Lock shipping containers easily collapse to less than 10% of their assembled size.   No hardware is required to assemble a Slot-Lock container; no nails, no clips, no screws nor staples.   The unique slotted design creates a very strong container that can be secured with just a couple of straps or banding.  Other collapsible containers utilize metal tabs or loose clips that can get bent or broken over time.   One of the best things about Packnet’s Slot-Lock system is that is completely customizable.   Packnet can engineer this reusable collapsible solution to virtually any size; foam inserts or other components can be added to enable the system to be the perfect solution for any packaging need.

Slot-Lock is also cost effective for one way shipping.

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