Soft-sided cases are ideal for emergency medical responders

Soft-sided cases are ideal for emergency medical responders

softsidedmedicalEmergency personnel such as medics, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, ski patrol and lifeguards all have the need to carry medical equipment and supplies to the emergency scene. These supplies need to be carried in something that is light weight, durable and easy to tote. Packnet’s soft-sided cases are ideal for this. Several of the applications for soft-sided cases have been for emergency responders.

Soft sided cases are custom design and fabricated and can be built with the following features that make it ideal for medical carrying cases:

  • Soft sided cases are easy to store and tote. They can be fabricated with durable shoulder straps and handles. They can be carried like a back pack or brief case.
  • They are made out of an anti-microbial ballistic nylon that defends against microorganisms that might carry disease.
  • They are easy to configure with adjustable compartments making it convenient for organizing supplies.
  • They contain soft foam walls that cushion delicate equipment.
  • Internal hook and loop lining strips keep modules securely in place.
  • Detachable clear pockets provide grab-and-go convenience in tactical situations.
  • internal water resistant polyurethane coating to make it weather-sustainable.

Soft sided cases can be branded with graphics and logos; they can be fabricated in a large variety of colors and sizes. They can also be used as sales demo kits, electronic/military equipment cases and a variety of other applications where a light weight and flexible solution is needed for a shipping or carrying case.

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