Solving Package Failure on Fragile Parts Yields Six-Figure Savings

Solving Package Failure on Fragile Parts Yields Six-Figure Savings

gemstaroneChances are good that if you manufacture small parts, they are fragile and expensive. Industries like aerospace, defense, and medical devices require a lot of intricate, delicate, and micro-sized components that must be intact in order  to work. The kinds of products these pieces complete can mean life or death if they fail. If you’re a business that makes these miniature parts, you have a lot on the line with each shipment. So if your packaging fails, you don’t only eat the cost to replace the product, you risk losing business for good.

This is a reality that Meier Tool & Engineering in Anoka, Minnesota was familiar with. The company was using generic trays for the components and sub-assemblies they manufacture for demanding applications. The trays didn’t work for the size and vulnerability of the parts; customers complained about the problems the packaging caused, like damaged parts and interruptions in their process. Meier prides itself in its integrity and customer care, making it paramount that the packaging problem be solved. Additionally, the product damage, time to reprocess the parts, and extra shipping costs became extremely expensive.

To solve the problem, Meier partnered with a packaging company they used for its other packaging needs, Packnet. The engineers at Packnet were able to create custom-built trays out of a combination of materials to deliver a unique solution for Meier. The corrugated plastic, neoprene foam, and metal containing rods in the packaging provided superior protection in a user-friendly design. Additionally, the packaging was reusable, bringing additional cost savings to the manufacturer.

As a result, Meier saw an annual six-figure savings on reduced product recovery, staffing, and manufacturing time. The company maintained a great working relationship with its client. There were no quality issues anymore, and the ability to reuse the packaging materials eliminated a lot of waste. In the end, the custom trays were far less expensive than the generic ones.

Is your small-parts packaging as safe and cost-effective as it could be? Consider how much money you are wasting if it isn’t. Request a free assessment from Packnet and see if your business can benefit from a better packaging system. Call us at 952-944-9124 to speak to us in person about your packaging needs.

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