Some common FAQ’s on Packnet LTD

Some common FAQ’s on Packnet LTD

checklistOver the years, Packet gets a lot of questions about our capabilities and services.   Below are just a few of the common questions that we receive and our best answer to them.

Question:  In looking at the website, it appears that Packnet does a lot of things, perhaps too many to get good at any one thing.  Why are you so diverse?
Answer: Packnet’s main focus has always been designing, engineering and fabricating custom packaging and crating solutions for industrial applications.   All of our capabilities dovetail into that focus.  However, we do offer some of these capabilities as standalone services, because many of them are quite unique.  Read more about why our capabilities make Packnet your ideal partner.

Question:  Does Packnet only provide low volume solutions?
Answer: Packnet will provide solutions in just about any volume, many of our custom solutions are high volume with very competitive pricing.

Question:  How do you assure that a custom engineered packaging solution will work?
Answer: Packnet has a wealth of experience and engineering expertise in creating solutions that work; we also can provide extensive testing using one of our many certified testing partners.  Click here for more information on our testing capabilities.

Question:  We have dealt with other custom manufactures and their lead times are outrageous, does your custom fabrication focus result in extremely high lead times.
Answer: Packnet has worked extensively on lean manufacturing initiatives and more specifically Quick Response Manufacturing.  Our entire management team is highly focused on customer response.  We had one customer comment that Packnet had delivered firm design and a prototype, before its competitor came back with a proposal.  We use Kanban systems for supplying many of our client’s products.   You can read more about our various efforts at improving our responsiveness here.

Question:  How many types of foam do you use for your custom foam packaging solutions?
Answer: We use dozens of foams that include various densities and compositions.  Packnet is one of the largest suppliers of custom foam packaging solutions in the Midwest.  Click here for more information on our custom foam packaging capability.

Question: How far away from your facility are you willing to travel for your mobile packaging solutions?
Answer:  Most of our mobile packaging services occur within the greater metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. However, we’ve traveled as far as Tennessee to perform packaging, export crating services and consultation

Question:  Where can we see examples of your custom solutions?
Answer:  We have informative videos and case studies throughout our site.  You can find all our case studies here.  We also suggest you sign up for our monthly newsletter which details out specific solutions that we create for our customers.  Just go to our contact form and check “subscribe to our newsletter”

Question:  Is the newsletter the best way to keep up with what is happening at Packnet?
Answer: The Newsletter is one good way; we also recommend that you subscribe to our blog, which often gives a heads up on changes in the market place or at Packnet.

Question:  How much money can I really save with your packaging solutions?
Answer: That depends on a lot of variables, we suggest you take advantage of our free Packaging Assessment, and let us show you exactly how much money can be saved with a custom engineered solutions

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