Sometimes it’s a lot more than providing a packaging solution

Sometimes it’s a lot more than providing a packaging solution

ProAct provides 100’s of mentally disabled people opportunities for meaningful employment, social activities, education and training.  These special adults can work in the facility doing light assembly work, or they can go out in the community and do various jobs such as cleaning, laundry, stocking shelves and busing tables.   ProAct contracts out these services to local businesses.

Packnet provides custom packaging solutions for industrial clients.   They specialize in providing packaging and storage solutions for items that are large, expensive or fragile.

Their main offices are located about 2 miles from each other and beyond the fact that they both start with the letter “p”, one would not know that there is a connection between the two organizations.

For the past few years, Packnet has been providing ProAct with packaging and storage trays to be used at their in house assembly operation.   The assembly consists of arranging components in slotted bins.  These trays are then sealed, packaged and shipped to the end customer.   The assembly workers get paid by the piece.  The workers appreciate the income, but most important they get a sense of fulfillment by doing meaningful and enjoyable work.

Packnet is proud to be associated with an organization such as ProAct, and are happy to contribute in some small way to this wonderful cause.

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