Stacking not always to Blame for Load Damage: Packaging Matters

Stacking not always to Blame for Load Damage: Packaging Matters

reusablepackaginghomepagelinkDamage to merchandise costs companies billions of dollars every year. Most of it occurs during shipment, which would seem to indicate that improper stacking is largely to blame. While that does contribute to the problem, it’s not the only thing failing, and in some cases, not a factor at all.

Packaging plays a major role in preventing load damage, and not just in the sense that it can protect contents in a fall or mishandling. There are a few aspects of packaging that contribute to risk of product damage and even injury to the driver.


Pallets degrade over time. They only have so many uses before planks break or weaken, nails fall out or become hazards, or support blocks fall off.  A faulty pallet can break when weight is applied, and the resulting damage can ripple out beyond the pallet contents depending on how it was positioned. Establish and follow a protocol that ensures pallets are checked for safety before use. Replace unstable pallets immediately. You may also be able to consider alternatives, like plastic pallets.


Even the most stable pallet is susceptible to failure if it isn’t wrapped correctly. Incorrect wrapping is usually a symptom of rushing or improper training. The time spent to insufficiently wrap a pallet is a complete waste if any damage occurs as a result. It’s far more cost-effective to take the time to get packaging right than it is to work quickly and risk damage.


It’s an easy factor to overlook. Calculate the weight of the contents to determine if A) the pallet can bear the load, and B) employees can safely handle it. Additionally, make sure other packaging is strong enough to secure the weight of its contents. If a cardboard container and/or the adhesive isn’t robust enough for the goods inside, merchandise will just break through the box at the slightest jostling.

Again, unstable packaging isn’t only a threat to products; it also puts drivers and other handlers at risk. The consequences of both possibilities are very costly.

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