Start the New Year with a free packaging assessment

Start the New Year with a free packaging assessment

A good packaging system should protect your product during shipments and storage, but have you considered other potential benefits from a well designed crating/container system? By taking advantage of Packnet’s free packaging assessment service, one could potentially discover some significant cost savings that would normally get overlooked. The following are just a few of the potential benefits:

Ergonomic/Safety: The number one cause of workman compensation injuries is overexertion. Packaging or crating products can be a major stress on your workforce. Awkward lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects can create long term injuries. Packnet has designed packaging solutions that allow easy loading and unloading by using removable side walls or creating solutions with built in ramps. Packaging systems can be made lighter, yet stronger, to reduce weight.

Efficiency/Productivity: There are a number of ways that a packaging system can reduce labor costs. Improving the ease of loading and unloading is one way, but combining packaging with intra-plant or inter-plant material movement can reduce operation costs.

Cleaner Area: Unloading a box or crate can be messy. Wood or cardboard shavings, styrofoam residue and loose hardware such as nails or staples are some of the common packaging debris that contaminates an area during unpacking. Excess contamination can cause quality problems and cleanup costs money. Packnet has designed containers that can be unpacked in a cleanroom environment.

Environment: Packaging materials are a source of pollution. Environmental considerations should be a big factor in designing packaging systems. Perhaps the most environmentally friendly packaging system is one that can be used over and over. Packnet specializes in reusable packaging systems that are not only environmentally friendly, but cost effective.

Storage Space: Packing containers can be bulky and difficult to store. Empty containers waste space and can add clutter to your manufacturing area. Packnet designs collapsible storage and crating systems that minimize space when not being used.

Less Inventory: Every company wants to reduce inventory costs and improve turns. Packaging materials can be a large part of your costs. Packnet’s ability to delivery packaging systems JIT to your company can have a huge impact on your inventory.

The goal of every manufacturing company is to cut costs, while improving quality and safety. Well-designed packaging solutions can improve your bottom line by reducing labor and material costs. This is why having Packnet assess your current packaging methods can help uncovering cost savings that could easily be overlooked. Your biggest cost reduction initiative for 2014 could involve a custom packaging solution from Packnet.

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