The Best Film to Protect Packaged Metal Products

The Best Film to Protect Packaged Metal Products

If you’re shipping or storing metal, the best anticorrosive film on the market is now flame retardant and still fully customizable.

VpCI diagramProblem: Metal products, parts, and/or components require protection from the elements during shipment. Exposure to humidity, salt, moisture, condensation, and other aggressive industrial atmospheres cause tarnish, rust, white rust, stains, and oxidation.

Wrapping metal in anticorrosion film helps maintain the integrity of metal, but does not completely protect it in every case. Sharp edges can puncture the film, leaving cargo unprotected. As with anything, some films are more effective than others. Also, these films don’t protect against flames, which are sometimes a possible threat.

Even when traditional films are effective, parts cannot be used immediately upon opening. To prevent rust, oils and desiccants are often applied, which need to be degreased before the products can be used. This makes protection even more costly and can be a huge inconvenience to customers.

Solution: VpCI®-126 FR. The Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor is the most innovative anticorrosion film on the market. The VpCI® molecules vaporize and condense on metal surfaces, providing reliable protection to the exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces. It is effective during shipping as well as long-term storage.

These films and bags replace the conventional rust preventatives that need to be cleaned from parts after delivery. Customers can use products immediately upon unwrapping.

One of the greatest advantages of the VpCI®-126 FR, however, is that it is flame retardant. No other film is more effective in protecting metal surfaces where fire is a risk.

The VpCI®-126 FR is fully customizable to any size. Custom blends will also improve puncture resistance, tear strength, and other special packaging needs.

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