Trucking & Corrosion: The Major Problem and Solutions

Trucking & Corrosion: The Major Problem and Solutions

mobilepackagingpacknettruckVehicle corrosion has long been an issue for truckers, but only recently has data been clear enough to strike panic. The issue has grown over the years as de-icing agents for roads have become more corrosive. When Roy Gambrell and the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) tallied replacement costs for the various components needing regular replacement because of corrosion, the industry took notice.

Individually, parts don’t come cheaply. An air conditioning condenser, for example, is around $350, brake shoes and drums $700, a fuel tank $750, and a radiator $1400.

Looking at the industry as a whole, the numbers are tougher to swallow. Those brake shoes and drums add up to about $3.6 billion industry-wide. Replacing wiring costs between $1.8 billon and $15 billion over the life of the full population of Class 8 tucks.

From here, the numbers continue to grow. As TMC got more people talking and paying attention, it became clear that corrosive agents attack every component on a vehicle, from the front of the truck to the rear of the trailer.

One of the companies that set out to reduce the damage and associated costs is Pepsi. Its corrosion prevention strategy includes applying inhibitors annually and washing equipment regularly. In Canada, this strategy saved around $5,000 per trailer. It’s too soon to gauge the results in the U.S.

Corrosion-resistant products are becoming quite sophisticated, and one of the leaders in safe, effective inhibitors is Cortec. Their vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCi) products use the newest technology available to protect a variety of surfaces.

VpCi products disperse molecules with both positive and negative ions that prevent the oxygen reaction that would result in corrosion.  It works regardless of humidity, temperature, or an airtight seal. The technology is available in several mediums, including spray, paint, dip, and vapor pressure. As a result, it can be used not only to protect the outside of truck parts, but the inside as well, like oil lines.

Packnet offers a wide variety of Cortec products to inhibit corrosion on vehicles, equipment, products, containers, and more. Contact us for information: 952-944-9124. You can also visit our corrosion inhibitor page.

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