Turning ordinary wood crates into highly functional packaging solutions

Turning ordinary wood crates into highly functional packaging solutions

In our last blog we discussed the variety of capabilities that Packnet possesses and how we can combine different materials together to create custom packaging solutions.   By combining different materials together such as foam and wood, one can transform an ordinary pallet skid into a highly functional and reusable foam cushioned system.

The image below shows how  Skid Mate cushioning pads and foam inserts can transform a wood skid into an economical one-way shipper or reusable packaging solution..   The cushioning pads and foam inserts help protect the product from shock and vibration, while the wood provides an economic material that is durable and relatively light weight.   A double or triple wall corrugated HSC cover may fit over and attach with the shown CorroClips to protect product during transportation and handling.

The crate also features a latching door that can fold down to be used as a loading ramp.   So not only is the crate easy on the product, but easy on the backs of the people who load and unload the wood crates.

Foam cushioned pallets and skids are very popular as Packnet will custom build them to exact dimensions and add features such as ramps,  latching doors,  reusable straps and much more to create a skid or pallet that is economical yet fits your exact needs.

The custom pallets and skids are durable and are ISPM 15 compliant so that they are ideal for international transport.   With Packnet’s 3 dimensional computer design capability, and vast material processing resources, there is no limit on our ability to bring packaging concepts into reality.   Click here for more information on wood crating and packaging.



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