Typical applications for Cortec anti-corrosion products

Typical applications for Cortec anti-corrosion products

Product corrosion during processing or storage or even during shipping is a major issue for large number of industries.  Cortec makes a variety of corrosion protection products known as VpCI’s.   Here are a few applications.

Protecting low to medium pressure boilers during operation
 Steam can accelerate metal corrosion.  Cortec VpCI-617 is especially formulated to protect boilers from acids and scaling caused by high mineral content in water.   The material can be applied by spraying or brushing.  It will extend the boiler life, reduce boiler maintenance and improves heat transfer efficiency.

Protecting military aircraft during storage
 Aircrafts can be covered with a biodegradable liquid that will protect the aircraft for up to 6 months of storage.  The product can be applied by spraying, dipping, brushing or steam cleaning.  The product is non-hazardous and non corrosive.  Ideal for keeping military aircraft combat ready at all times.

Protecting sensitive electronic components
Delicate electronics equipment are susceptible to corrosion and ESD damage.  Cortec makes static dissipative bags that also retard corrosion.    The component is ready for use right after removal from bag as no cleaning or degreasing is needed.

 Concrete additives
 Rebar and other metal reinforcement can corrode and over time degrade the integrity of the concrete slab. These concrete additives are ideal for steel reinforced structures such as bridges, highways and parking garages.  A powder is added to the concrete mixture..  Corrosion inhibitors will migrate to the metal reinforcing and form a protective layer.  Preventing metal corrosion inside the concrete dramatically increases the life expectancy and strength of the concrete span.

Plastic bag substitute
Plastic bags are not biodegradable and are proven to be an environmental hazard even when buried miles inland.  Cortec makes a biodegradable plastic product that is an environmentally safe alternative to ordinary plastic bags.  Typical applications include garbage bags, grocery bags, food packaging, toy packaging and export packaging.

Machining process
 Machined products sometimes need corrosion protection between final cutting and metal finishing coating.   Metal parts can be quickly and economically coated with a temporary film that prevents oxidation or corrosion prior to painting.  The film is easily washed off as part of the painting operation.  Paint adhesion, quality and life are dramatically improved.

These are only a few of the applications for corrosion prevention and treatment that Packnet is involved in.  Contact Packnet today to learn more about our corrosion inhibitor  programs.

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