Unique Weather Creating Harmful Shipping Conditions: Protect Your Goods

Unique Weather Creating Harmful Shipping Conditions: Protect Your Goods

uniqueweatherWhen a company needs to ship a very large item, traditional packaging isn’t always an option. If you’re transporting equipment or machinery, for example, you may not be able to protect it with a container of any kind. A common solution is to tarp these items. The problem here is that tarps don’t protect against all the elements, so at certain times of the year, it is hardly effective. Wind, humidity, and salt are a few destructive elements that can thwart a tarp.

What’s unusual about the current weather is, depending on the route, even domestic shipping can expose your goods to the full gamut of weather conditions. Parts of the US were recently hit with historic blizzards. Other parts are warm and humid. Being spring, we’re also face-to-face with rain, mud, and storm elements.

Any of these conditions by themselves require special consideration, but if your shipment is traveling through more than one of them, the risk of harm is especially great. So how do you protect your product in these circumstances, especially if you can’t enclose it in a box?

The most effective way to completely protect your goods is heat shrink wrapping. Not only does the material protect against water, salt, mud, and ice, it also fully encapsulates what it’s covering. Shrink wrapping also protects your goods from UV rays. It is an extremely effective method of packaging protection.

If you’re concerned about moisture buildup and corrosion within the enclosure, know that there are several ways to prevent that, too. Packnet’s shrink-wrapping services include many options to address this, including: ventilation options, countermeasures that inhibit moisture and mildew from forming, and most aggressively, vapor corrosion inhibiting products that prevent corrosion on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and electrical connections for up to 2 years.

Yes, shrink wrapping and corrosion-inhibiting products can fully protect your objects long-term. The practicality extends far beyond the weather and road conditions we’re seeing now. Heat shrink wrapping is an extremely effective means of protection no matter the environment it’s exposed to.

Packnet fully reviews each packaging challenge individually. We take all of your concerns into consideration when we develop a solution, including cost and longevity for your company. For more information about our shrink-wrapping services, click here or call 952.944.9124. You can also request a free assessment here.


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