What is ISPM 15 and why do we need it?

What is ISPM 15 and why do we need it?

ISPM 15 is a global standard for packaging wood used for international shipments.  The standard requires that wood be either heat treated to 56 degrees C to the core for 30 minutes or fumigated with Methyl Bromide to the schedule in the ISPM15 document.   A licensed ISPM 15 mark can be stamped on approved treated material. (see below)


Why the standard?

Back in the 1980’s, the phytosanitary community became increasingly aware of the spread of pests and pathogens via wooden packaging materials.   Asian longhorned beetles, emerald ash borers and brown spruce longhorn beetles – tree-killing insects invading woodlands and urban landscapes in North America – are believed to have arrived among packing materials shipped from Asia.   The red turpentine beetle may have made its way to china through packaging made from infested North American Wood.

In an effort to control the spread of invasive species, a global standard for the treatment of wood packaging materials in 2002 called (ISPM 15) was adapted.  Currently there are more than 150 countries who have agreed to adapt the regulation.  Each participating country was allowed to target its own enforcement date.

Packnet is certified to source and process approved materials and stamp all finished products with a Packnet specific ISPM 15 marking.  Packnet is licensed and audited by the Timber Products Inspection Agency.

Packnet ships these treated ISPM 15 compliant products to its customers so that they can package and ship from their site, or Packnet offers in-house or off-site packaging and crating services. More info on ISPM 15.

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