What Makes Corrugated Packaging Eco-Friendly

What Makes Corrugated Packaging Eco-Friendly

Being an environmentally responsible company isn’t just about obligation. If you research how consumers weigh social responsibility when choosing brands, the numbers have been steadily increasing from as far back as 2011. In 2013, Nielsen published an article stating:

“The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility surveyed more than 29,000 Internet respondents in 58 countries. The percentage of consumers willing to pay more increased among both males and females and across all age groups, with respondents under age 30 most likely to say they would spend more for goods and services from companies that give back. Among consumers ages 40-44, 50 percent agree they would pay more, up from 38 percent two years ago.”

A major source of waste for manufacturers is in packaging, which is also a business element among the most visible to consumers.  So a company that wants to reduce its carbon footprint should consider eco-friendly packaging options. One of the greatest allies to this initiative is corrugated material. Here’s why.

Recycled and Recyclable

If we’re talking cardboard or fiberboard, boxes are made from a high percentage of recycled paper. They’re also usually made without bleaches or dyes, making it safer to dispose of. Not only can corrugated fiberboard be recycled, but corrugated plastic is recyclable as well.


Few things impact packaging waste as much as the ability to reuse or repurpose it. Corrugated materials are particularly durable, so they can be used again and again. Plastic has an especially long life for reusability and has additional advantages of keeping contents safe from moisture and chemicals. Corrugated plastic can also be made conductive to reduce static buildup, making it ideal for ESD-sensitive materials.

Energy Savings

It takes less energy to produce packaging made from recycled materials. If recycled content is sourced locally, it also reduces the transportation required to make it.

Highly Protective

Because of it’s durability, corrugated plastic and fiberboard also withstand shipping and protect contents well. This not only helps save you money by preventing replacement orders due to damage but also reduces unnecessary transport.

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