When Packaging Makes or Breaks your Success: Special Circumstances in Product Packaging

When Packaging Makes or Breaks your Success: Special Circumstances in Product Packaging

While most companies could improve their packaging on some level, be it the materials, the protocol, or the process, some shippers have unique concerns that can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, many have learned the hard way that not all professional packaging companies know how to handle special circumstances. Most specifically, a product needs special attention when it is large, heavy, fragile, and/or expensive.

In these situations, the contents demand one-of-a-kind packaging built from designers and engineers who understand the products even better than the manufacturer.

For both large and heavy items, part of the issue is that the packaging is best built around the shipment onsite. That means you have to find a packaging company that can visit your facility, create a solution, and bring it to your site to assemble it there. In these cases, it is also important that the product isn’t just protected during shipment, but also easily extracted at delivery. You don’t want to endanger the receiver or the merchandise when the object is removed.

Fragile components tend to be smaller, which seem easier to protect with standard packaging solutions. However, these smaller containers are also more often mishandled and subject to damage that might not be obvious until the receiver tries to use the product. Some of these fragile parts can become dangerous if they’re damaged, like electrical components. That’s all the more need to be assiduous when packaging these kinds of materials.

Many of the large, heavy, or fragile pieces are innately expensive, but not all expensive materials are one of the other three. Again, standard packaging may be an easy fit, but if it doesn’t do its job, replacing the contents can be an extremely costly endeavor for the manufacturer. It’s far more cost-efficient to spend more on the packaging than to replenish damaged goods.

When you find yourself needing that one-of-a-kind package, you have to find a packaging company equipped with the technology and experience to give you a truly custom solution. The staff should be able to create a precise and repeatable design. Their engineers should understand and predict the potentially damaging influences that arise during shipping and receiving even better than you can.

Packnet has 25 years of experience providing successful, cost-efficient solutions to these unique challenges. We have the materials and expertise to provide you with options so that you can choose what is best for you. Our reputation is built on your satisfaction. Check out our homepage video, read the case studies on the pages of each of our industrial packaging solutions, or simply reach out: 952-944-9124. You can also get a free assessment.

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