Why is Packnet your Ideal Partner for Custom Packaging?

Why is Packnet your Ideal Partner for Custom Packaging?

What makes Packnet your ideal partner for custom packaging solutions? There isn’t just one aspect but many. For starters, we have years of experience and engineering knowledge. Packnet has been developing custom solutions for industrial packaging clients since the late 1980’s. Since that time we have been adding highly qualified engineering talent to our staff.

Design Technology: Having state of the art designing and prototyping systems allows us to create designs and mockups for very sophisticated solutions. We can develop 3D renderings and even provide 3D printing if needed.

Materials and material knowledge: Packnet can use a variety of different materials for a solution. This includes all kinds of wood and fiberboard, cardboard, hard plastics including ABS and polycarbonate, soft plastics and many types of foam as well as plastic corrugated. We even use different types of metals as part of the solution. Included in these materials are purchased products such as Injection molded reusable Gemstar cases. We know what the best materials to use for any solution.

Fabrication and Assembly Capability: With all these materials and sophisticated designs, we need a lot of fabrication technology. We can precision cut wood, cardboard, plastic, foam and metal. We have a variety of precision cutting machines including CNC Routers, Waterjet Cutters, Panel Saws, Die cutters, and Optimization Saws. For assembly we have ultrasonic welders, insert presses, glue dispensers, pneumatic staple and nail guns. We also have the ability to do graphic printing and heavy duty sewing for solutions requiring fabric. Packnet is continually adding equipment and technology to broaden our capability and increase our efficiencies and improve our responsiveness.

Quality Systems: Packnet is always looking at improving our business processes to make us a more responsive and cost effective vendor. We have been implementing lean manufacturing on our factory floor for years. Our latest efforts have centered on Quick Response Manufacturing. We are active participants in a number of best practices peer groups where we share ideas for quality, cost and response improvement. We are disciplined in all phases of our order fulfillment.

So the short of it is Packnet has experienced, knowledgeable people using high level technology within a disciplined framework of a robust quality system.

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