Why you need a packaging and crating expert

Why you need a packaging and crating expert

We saw some interesting videos of cargo handling that some people might find terrifying or at least make one think twice about the kind of protection your products need to survive shipping.

The first link is to a video of a Russian cargo ship transporting 64 cars from Japan to Russia.   It seems incredible that the cars were not tied or locked down securely, but apparently the ships operator decided to just neatly park the cars on the ship’s deck.    When the ship hits rough seas, total mayhem breaks out with cars rolling from one side of the ship to the other, crashing into each other then eventually falling off the side and sinking to the bottom of the sea.   52 of the 64 cars fell overboard.  Apparently the guy who had the cars shipped signed a “ship at your own risk” agreement. 






The second video was captured recently on You Tube.  It shows a Fed Ex driver throwing packages into the truck.   I guess if you wanted to defend the employee, the packages did not look like they had fragile contents, but one never knows.    Fed Ex got a lot of attention a couple years ago when a You Tube video went viral of a delivery person throwing a computer monitor over a fence instead of opening a gate.

The final video shows a DHL van being loaded with a lot of tossing and catching of boxes.  Several hit the ground and one wonders what damage may have occurred to the contents.   It does not appear that all those involved were DHL employees, but it really didn’t matter to the packages.  



When you view some of the videos that get posted, one wonders how packages can survive at all.  But amazingly most packages shipped arrive at the destination damage free.   If one can learn anything from these videos is that there are no guarantees that a package will be handled with adequate care or that the cargo will traverse over smooth waters all the time.  We at Packnet understand the risks for shipping cargo, especially fragile cargo.  We know what precautions to take to minimize the risk of damage.  So if you have industrial packaging or crating needs, Packnet can provide custom packaging solutions that best mitigate your shipping risks..

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