Wish an Expert Could Show up and Package Your Custom Goods for You?

Wish an Expert Could Show up and Package Your Custom Goods for You?

mobilepackagingpacknettruckAs a manufacturer, your expertise lies in designing and building your products. You’re proud of your work, and you ensure each completed unit is flawless. Many of you, however, aren’t experts at how to best package and/or crate your products. This is especially true for manufacturers of custom large or delicate products.

Even with an understanding of what you need to ship this kind of cargo, other obstacles can make self-packaging a challenge. You need to store the goods along with any packaging equipment and materials in your facility. Most manufacturers don’t have the room to spare. Most also don’t have the labor to spare, either.

To make a difficult situation worse, if you’re shipping overseas, or your product is vulnerable to the elements, you have a host of other concerns. Are your goods made of metal or electrical components that could corrode in humidity? Does your wood packaging meet the most current ISPM 15 standards?

Careless or uninformed packaging can result in any number of extra costs:

  • Wasted time and resources spent trying to create a packaging solution that isn’t efficient
  • Replacing products damaged by
    • Insufficient padding
    • Moisture or other weather concerns
  • Extra time and repackaging if container is rejected
  • Labor to fix damage or build new product
  • Loss of customer and reputation
  • Failure to provide proof needed for insurance
  • Wasted packaging materials
  • Extra shipping costs if reshipping or replacing an order

If any of the above is a concern for you, know that you can use mobile crating services from professionals. Packnet specializes in large and delicate products that would require a fair amount of resources to crate and pack.

We are equipped with the tools, materials, and expertise to custom design packaging that:

  • Efficiently and completely protects your products, no matter the size
  • Protects against the elements if necessary, using VpCI water vapor barriers
  • Meets all materials compliance including ISPM 15 standards for wood packaging
  • Not only minimizes damage, but also can measure and record shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure with ShockWatch® products so you can prove a claim to your insurance company

Our process begins with collecting all the information necessary to build the right solution for you. Packnet will discuss product dimensions, weight, fragility, mode of transportation, and final destination requirements prior to arrival.

After engineering a design you approve, we arrive on site to crate your goods from the convenience of your warehouse. We can handle everything from a single asset to a fully managed crating operation at your facility. In some cases, we can provide storage for you, too.

Whether your product is moving locally, nationally, internationally, by land, or by sea, Packnet can provide the most time and cost-efficient means of onsite crating for your valuable cargo. Fill out a free assessment or call us at 952.944.9124.

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