Wowing Customers at Their Doorstep: The Real First Impression

Wowing Customers at Their Doorstep: The Real First Impression

firstimpressionsA first impression is created in a tenth of a second. It’s alarmingly hard to change. In fact, it can persist despite other facts or events that contradict it. While your customer service, sales, and/or ordering process are technically giving a first impression for most customers, your product itself is still yet to be introduced.

If you ship your product to your customers, their first impression of whether your goods are quality, overpriced, fresh, green, cheap, or whatever happen the moment they lay their eyes on the package at their door.

That means the shipping container – whatever that may be – is what your customers are basing their very first impression of your product upon. That goes for everything from retail items to medical devices to machinery.

So how do you convey the right impression with something as drab and ordinary as what is likely a cardboard box or wood container?

Damage control. If there is any chance that your product’s integrity could in any way be compromised in transit, protect it correctly. Even if the contents aren’t breakable, if a box is crushed or damaged when it arrives, it looks as though it was treated like it’s unimportant. Obviously, you want to ensure the contents are intact, but put thought into the presentation and stability of the box itself if it might get banged around a truck.

 Customized packaging. This isn’t an appropriate option for all products, but for anything fragile, awkward, large, and/or heavy, customizing the box to fit your exact needs both protects contents and looks higher quality. It conveys that the company cares about and believes so much in this product that it took the extra step to give it its own packaging. If a company makes that much fuss over the product, imagine how well it must take care of its customers.

 Branding. Branding looks great on packaging. It looks professional and gives a sense that the company is proud of what it puts out. There are obvious limitations to what you can brand, but it helps a product show up with honor.

 Material selection. Most of what is shipped is packaged in cardboard or wood, but you may benefit from another option like hard plastic or metal. If you have choices outside the norm, consider what it looks like to the customer and how easy it is to open.

You don’t need to go to the lengths that a giant like Apple does with its packaging, (like having a secret packaging room), but you do want to think about the customer’s experience with it. The impression you want your customers to have of you and your product starts with the shipping packaging.

Packnet’s engineers can fully protect your products in containers that best represent you. We specialize in custom packaging, and we offer branding along with a variety of materials. Get a free assessment or talk to one of our specialists to learn more: 952.944.9124.

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