Team Industries

Case Study Description


TEAM Industries, located in Minnesota, is a vertically-integrated engineering and manufacturing company that offers everything from collaboration on new product designs to complete custom contract manufacturing.


TEAM provides machined metal components to several automotive companies, utilizing a number of different packaging solutions, traditionally wood for heavy, robust automotive parts.

The Problem

Traditional wood crating was becoming cumbersome and expensive. The reusable wood crate was not working out – the weight of the parts and the handling was causing the wood crates to be scrapped after only 1 to 3 uses.  Disposal and repurchase prices were racking up, and, to make matters worse, the product going into the crates was getting damaged.  Processing and handling with the crates was also an issue. Even though the wood crate design was set, the weight varied from crate to crate, so a weight count for a loaded crate was not an easy, consistent process.  In addition, the wood crate only had 2-way forklift access, a feature which caused extra handling.

The Solution

Packnet was ready with a wood-alternative packaging option – the Perma-Pal rotationally molded industrial bin was the right container for the job.  To start, this molded, single piece construction bin proved to be extremely durable, even in harsh Minnesota winters.  TEAM realized a dramatic increase in uses of a single tote. In addition, the Perma-Pal has 4-way forklift access and interstackability, making it more convenient for handling. Finally, the Perma-Pal totes  weighed consistently the same, so TEAM was able to establish a weight count process that dramatically increased their efficiency.  A final benefit was that the plastic construction of the Perma-Pal makes it impervious to water, oil, and grease, and easy to clean – a great benefit given the long life cycle of the tote.

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