Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated Fiberboard Kits

Packnet’s pre-assembled corrugated and foam packaging kits support lean manufacturing initiatives. Packnet’s corrugated systems can be fabricated as a flat one-piece assembly, reducing your space, part numbers and storage costs. When you are ready to ship your product, the kits are easily assembled into your custom corrugated shipping container.

Our custom assembly kits can include a variety of combined materials. Such as custom corrugated boxes with custom water jet and die cut foam solutions, and Cortec VpCI poly bags.

These kits are typically delivered just-in-time to the customer. They greatly simplify the packaging process for the customer and are ideal for products that require protective packaging and a custom solution in any quantity.


The Trike Shop

Single, Double, and Triple Wall Corrugated

Packnet stocks a variety of corrugated sheets and converts boxes, tubes, trays, partitions and displays. The variety of thicknesses we supply means that we can utilize this lightweight and cost effective material even for heavy-duty applications.

We can also provide graphics on your corrugated products. Typical applications include logos and international fragile symbols such as up arrows and keep dry symbols.

Examples of uses

  • Tubes and sleeves
  • Partitions and pads
  • Full telescopes and trays
  • RSC, HSC, and FOL Boxes
  • Wood/Corrugated Combo Packs
  • 5 Panel folders and roll end trays

Case Study: The Trike Shop


The Trike Shop was experiencing numerous instances of damage to
the fiberglass on the trikes from both the crating process and during


Packnet studied the existing issues facing The Trike Shop and
developed a solution that not only offered improvements, but several
labor and cost advantages as well.

Corrugated and Wood Hybrid

Corrugated fiberboard can be combined with wood to provide the strength and durability advantages of wood, as well as the flexibility and cost effectiveness of corrugated.  Additional custom engineered cushioning can also be incorporated to create a complete packaging solution.

Examples of specialty or hybrid solutions:

  • Partitions & pads
  • Wood and corrugated hybrid designed containers for one-way shipments
  • Large triple wall boxes with custom pallet base and interior foam solutions
  • Triple wall corrugated tubes with wood base containers
  • Corrugated and foam assemblies of all types and quantities

Looking for a corrugated solution? Let us help!

Packnet has provide standard and custom packaging solutions for over 25 years. Reach out today to start the conversation with our packaging experts and find the right packaging materials and design to meet your needs.