Precision Cutting

Routered Panel

Precision Cutting Services

Our services include CNC Routing, Die Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Panel Cutting, and Cut-to-length Parts.

We optimize the latest technologies to capitalize on speed and versatility, and we offer single part or high-volume production quantities within short time frames.

Packnet’s High speed processing equipment:

  • CNC Routers – 5’x10’ Omnitech Router
  • Kongsburg Large Format Die-Cutting
  • WaterJet Cutting
  • CNC Holzma HPP 250 Horizontal Beam Saw with Optilift
  • OMGA 2020 Optimizing Cut-off Saw

CNC Routing

Packnet’s investment in its Omnitech Router ensures we provide fast and highly accurate cutting. We are able to produce a single part or production orders in the thousands and we don’t require minimum orders.

Materials that can be processed include various plywood species, MDF, Sintra and ABS plastics, and OSB panels. Many customer applications may not involve transport packaging and are products used for everyday living such as speaker enclosures, table placemats, displays, signage, and coasters. Packnet’s CNC Routering Services can provide a variety of options in precise tolerances for holes, sizing and shapes.

Die Cutting

Packnet has one of the largest flatbed die cutters in the industry, measuring 80”x115”. Given its size, it can process extremely large parts. Steel rule die cutting is a common process used to cut a range of sheet materials. These dies attain the highest accuracies and can represent the most intricate forms. Common materials cut include plastic corrugated & corrugated fiberboard.




Chad KriewaldtPackaging Engineer - Graco

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting technology is one of the fastest-growing major machine tool processes in the world due to its versatility and ease of operation. Manufacturers are realizing that there are virtually no limits to what waterjets are capable of cutting and machining.

Packnet specializes in waterjet cutting non-metallic materials such as foam, felt and plastics.

Case Study: Graco


Graco has had a long standing relationship with Packnet Ltd., covering various packaging solutions over the years, so when it discovered its current pallets were no longer working the way they needed, they asked Packnet to develop a reinforced solution.


Graco Packaging Engineer Chad Kriewaldt designed a work-in- process pallet customized for a specific Graco product.

Panel Cutting

Packnet is able to offer a cut-to-size order service with minimal material handling, efficient cutting cycles and extreme precision and accuracy. We do all of this with our CNC Holzma HPP 250 Horizontal Beam Saw with Optilift.

Cut-to-length Parts

Packnet’s OMGA 2020 Optimizing Cut-off Saw combines efficiency, accuracy and waste minimization when processing wood stock to a desired length.

Let us help with your cutting needs!

Whether using our sourced or customer-supplied materials, our capabilities can yield precision cut parts to meet your needs. Contact us today to find out more.