Wood Pallets & Crates

Reusable & One-Way Wooden Crates & Pallets

We have extensive experience designing crates at all levels of required protection. Whether you are looking for a single-use one-way crate or a durable reusable option, we can manufacture the right amount of packaging to meet your needs.

Packnet also is skilled at analyzing your potential for utilizing a reusable/returnable system, and we have complete design capabilities to put the correct type of reusable system into place.

Crating Options

Examples of our custom crates and wood packaging services include these options:

  • Wooden One-way Crates
  • Reusable Slot-Lock Container
  • Snap-Tight Crates
  • Slat Crates
  • Fully-enclosed wood boxes
  • Hybrid
  • Tradeshow Crates

Travis WilkProduction Supervisor - Hydra-Flex Fluid Innovation


The Slot-Lock™ Container is Packnet’s proprietary reusable container which uses no hardware (nails or screws) for assembling the crate sides and top and securing to the base. By utilizing a slot-and-tab design, the crate can easily be hand assembled and then secured using plastic or metal bands around the exterior. The crate also does not need to be fully disassembled to access the interior.

Features and benefits:

  • Slot-and-tab interlocking assembly – no screws/nails/clips
  • ISPM-certified and heat-treated for domestic or international shipment
  • ISTA3B tested and approved
  • Extremely strong, stackable
  • Knocks down flat for storage
  • Durable and reusable
  • Quick assembly and tear down
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Customization options for cushioning and storage

Case Study: Hydra-Flex Fluid Innovation


Need for a faster, more cost-efficient, yet durable means to transport
equipment to customers


Packnet’s Slot Lock™ container reduced packing and unpacking time for both Hydra-Flex and their customers, and effectively protected the sensitive equipment during shipping


Packnet’s Snap-Tight™ Container is an innovative design for a reusable shipping solution. The crate sides and top are secured together using metal clips – no need for nails for screws.

Features and benefits:

  • Assembled with snap clips – no screws or nails
  • ISPM-certified and heat-treated for domestic or international shipment
  • Extremely strong, stackable
  • Knocks down flat for storage
  • Quick assembly
  • Durable and reusable
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Customization options for cushioning and storage

Hybrid Crates & Pallets

Because we manufacture a variety of packaging solutions, we can combine multiple materials to create a hybrid packaging solution to address all of your product protection needs. This could be anything from a wood pallet with custom corrugated sleeve, an enclosed wood crate with wheeled plastic interior cart for use in clean rooms, or a wood crate with foam and strap options for reusable packaging. Whatever combinations of materials are needed, we can design and produce the right hybrid wood packaging solution for your project.

Customization Options for Packnet’s Wooden Crates:

  • Spring loaded handles
  • Butterfly twist latches (link locks) for easy access
  • Hinges, hasps and locking features
  • Swivel and rigid casters
  • Reinforced steel hardware
  • Ramps
  • Carpet and felt lining
  • Custom foam interiors
  • Corrugated Fiberboard
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Adjustable partitions for multi-uses
  • Reinforced plywood gusset designs
  • Side/end load or top load or combination of features and styles
  • Ink stencil and labeling options, brand and company identification, symbols
Hybrid Crate

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Our team has extensive experience providing the perfect wood packaging solution to meet customer needs. Whether you are just getting started or are looking into options for an existing program, we are ready to help.