On-site Crating & Packaging

On-site Crating & Packaging Services

We have over 25 years of crating and packaging experience. In addition to our expertise, we work to make the process as easy as we can.  Our packaging experts are available to consult and discuss your protection and shipping requirements. Beyond the specific size of your equipment, we’ll discuss fragility, weight, and features and methods for securing within the crate/pallet, as well as shipping methods and destination.  We then take this data on your project and design and build your custom crate. Our mobile team will then bring the crate and necessary packaging accessories, such as water-vapor and anti-corrosion protection and handling indicators, to your facility to pack up your equipment.  You can also have your items delivered to our facility for packaging.

Our services are also easily scale-able – we can support everything from a single crate to larger projects for multiple pieces, occurring over multiple days.

Packaging services include:

  • On-site mobile crating
  • In-house crating
  • ISPM, heat treated material options for international shipping
  • Cushioning to protect against shock and vibration
  • Vacuum sealing of water-vapor-barrier material
  • Anti-corrosion wrapping and emitters
  • Application of shock and tilt indicators
  • Employment of best practices in crate construction for international and domestic shipping
  • Container packaging and bracing
PPT Vision

John SillanpaShipping and Receiving - PPT Vision

Case Study: PPT Vision


PPT Vision found itself in a quandary when it was time to ship its
$250-300K PPT861 machine overseas.


Packnet was hired to design and manufacture a customized packaging solution for the PPT861 that would both minimize the possibility of damage, but also provide an ability to capture specific information, if damage did occur.

Have a quick turn crating need? We can help!

We can come on-site or perform packaging services at our plant. Contact us today and let our experts guide you through the options to design and package your items to meet your shipping needs and timeline.