Cases & Inserts

Protective Cases

There are numerous options available for an exterior portable packaging solutions, and we specialize in working with our customers to define their needs and then determining the best type of case solution for your application.

Case types include:

  • Molded plastic cases
  • Transit cases
  • Industrial cases
  • Soft-sided cases
  • Airtight, watertight cases
  • ATA cases
  • Rotomolded cases
  • Injection molded cases

Custom options:

  • Labeling and branding
  • Standard and custom colors
  • Foam cushioning
  • Casters and wheels
  • Straps
  • Partitions and dividers

Ken HansonProject Manager - Vaddio

Our Partners

We partner with the best manufacturers in the industry to deliver to you quality products.  Whether a hard sided, airtight and water tight case, or a soft sided case with custom branding, with this network, we can provide the best case for your application, with any amount of customization you need.






Case Study: Vaddio


Vaddio’s sales staff needed durable cases to carry their expensive, delicate cameras to customers, but the transit case design they were using was becoming too expensive


Packnet designed a custom foam set into a durable, transportable Gemstar 1824-12 case that met all of Vaddio’s criteria for their sales demo case

Custom Foam Inserts

Packnet carries a variety of foam options in various colors and densities for case inserts. We have invested in numerous technologies that allow us to engineer solutions to meet a wide variety of packaging requirements.

Foam type options, all available in a variety of densities for cushioning:

  • Polyurethane
  • Polyethylene
  • EPE (expanded polyethylene)
  • Closed Cell
  • Cross-link
  • Conductive
  • Anti-static

Let us help find your custom case solution!

There are numerous options for protective cases. Let us help you navigate your options and find the right type of case and protection to meet your needs.