Corrugated cardboard combined with wood gives you the strength and durability advantages of wood, as well as the flexibility and cost effectiveness of corrugated products. Each shipping container can have its own built-in pallet, providing a package that is durable for shipping and practical for storage while providing built-in material handling advantages.

Combined with engineered cushioning, dunnage or material handling aids, Packet can design and produce exact solutions for your requirements. We service a wide variety of industries and our solutions are constructed to meet your exact specifications.

Examples of specialty or hybrid solutions:

  • Partitions & pads
  • Wood and corrugated hybrid designed containers for one-way shipments
  • Large triple wall boxes with custom base and interior foam solutions
  • Triple wall corrugated tubes with wood base containers
  • Corrugated and foam assemblies of all types and quantities
  • Die cut or CNC knife cut parts for many applications

The benefits of using a combination of materials when designing packaging:

  • It’s economical
  • User friendly designs
  • Meets requirements for shock/vibration cushioning