Corrugated plastic, Where art thou?

on August 11, 2012

n the film “Oh brother Where Art Thou?”  The stars of the show form a group called “The Soggy Bottom Boys” and end up singing a hit song called “I am a man of constant sorrow”.

The term soggy bottom makes us think of a cardboard package sitting in a puddle of water soaking up the moisture and damaging the contents.   Cardboard has its place in the packaging world as it is inexpensive, lightweight and recyclable.  Cardboard also has its limitations and there are many times that alternate materials should be considered.

Corrugated plastic is one such material.  Corrugated plastic consists of a fluted plastic layer bonded to a flat sheet.  It is available in a number of thicknesses and can easily be cut, welded or bonded. This material is excellent for many packaging applications as it has the following desirable properties:

  • Water Resistant:  This material won’t absorb water and can be made to seal out moisture.
  • Chemical Resistant:  Plastic is resistant to many of the elements that packages may see during industrial shipping such as oil and grease.
  • Light weight:  Corrugated plastic is often lighter in weight than cardboard, making it ideal for handling.
  • Durable:  Corrugated plastic is very durable and is ideal for reusable shipping and storage containers.
  • ESD Protection:  Corrugated plastic can be coated with a conductive layer that helps dissipate electro static charges.
  • Printable:  Plastic can be printed on using a number of commonly used printing methods such as silk screening, digital printing and flexographic printing.

Packnet can create a custom packaging solution by cutting, folding, bonding, welding, riveting and assembling just about any combination of plastic materials to create a durable, functional, cost effective and environmentally friendly industrial packaging solution.  Corrugated plastic will help avoid the soggy bottom package and prevent the sorrow of a damaged product.