What Does ISO Compliance Mean and Why Are We Moving Towards It?

What Does ISO Compliance Mean and Why Are We Moving Towards It?

“Packnet Ltd. is committed to providing exceptional Quality in Manufacturing, Sales, and Support in both our services and products. We do this by ensuring compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, actively engaging in Continuous Improvements, and striving for ultimate customer satisfaction in every department. Everybody Owns Quality!” Packnet Quality Policy.

The Foundation

At Packnet, we have already established ourselves as adaptive, Customer friendly, and excellent at building custom packaging solutions. Along the way, we have held onto the fundamentals of meeting customer expectations and having pride in our work. Standardized Policies and Procedures have been established along with expectations on training qualifications to help assure confident and competent employees.

Our Current Steps

We follow strict guidelines set in place to provide the best outcomes for our clients. That is why we hired Wess Grimm (Quality Control Coordinator), to continue this initiative and grow our Quality Department. The aspects of quality validation and implementation are being used to identify improvements and verify how we are performing. From improving our Receiving Department, Production Inspections, Calibrations for equipment, Internal Audits, Performance Indicators, and other necessary practices while keeping our documents updated and reviewed.

Moving Forward

We want to guarantee our customers, through third-party Accreditation, that we manage and maintain a robust Quality System and Culture which Identifies issues, responds quickly, and Continuously Improves all aspects of the business. Our New Goal is to be ISO 9001 certified in 2023.

We Meet Your Expectations

At Packnet, we focus as a business to meet not just our expectations but also our customers. Our current destination is to be ISO Certified. Our guide is our Quality Policy. We continue to implement current quality practices and build upon what has already been established from our foundation. Our drive and commitment are what will bring us to our goal.

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