Custom foam inserts converts an ordinary case into a perfect shipping container

Custom foam is often the most important aspect of a packaging solution as it provides the protection a product may need during shipping.   Custom designed cushioning can be added to any type of case or box.  Types of containers include wood crates, corrugated plastic boxes, and fiberboard boxes, hard sided shipping cases made by Gemstar or even soft-sided cases.

Packnet uses a variety of different foam types, thicknesses and densities to create the ideal shipping and packaging system.   Packnet usually starts out with a SolidWorks CAD design and then uses precision cnc cutting and waterjet cutting equipment to create the needed patterns.   We can glue several layers together to create the final product.

Custom foam inserts can be used repeatedly, but may not have as long of a lifespan as a wooden crate or hard sided shipping case.   Fortunately it is easy to create more sets to re-insert into the container.  The foam is light so it adds almost no weight to the packaging system.

Foam inserts help protect delicate products as well as create a shipping case that is easy to pack and unpack while keeping the components organized.