Don’t be penny wise, but pound foolish with your packaging

It is tempting to go with the cheapest package material when shipping your product.   Many companies have a shipping department that carries a few standard sizes of corrugated paper boxes and makes due.  Sometimes the packaging choice is left to the shipping clerk.  Cutting costs on packaging material can be the most expensive mistake you ever made.  Consider the following issues with standard cardboard.

  • It can only be used once
  • It sheds
  • It is not water proof
  • It is difficult to handle
  • It  offers very little protection and cushioning

It is very unfortunate, but sometimes a manufacturer will get an entire shipment returned because of damage received during transport.   Any savings that was realized on the products packaging material was eaten up on the first shipment. 

Packnet can custom design packaging solutions that protects your product, saves handling, saves the environment and reduces your overall costs.