How did Hurricane Sandy impact the shipping industry?

on November 6, 2012

The impact of Hurricane Sandy is still not fully quantified, but some of the details are mind numbing:

  • Over 100 deaths cause by the storm
  • Over 8 million people were  without power
  • Roads, businesses and transit systems damaged
  • Thousands of flights canceled or delayed
  • Many areas still underwater

Much of the east coast was at a standstill as many roads were closed because of water or no power.    The NYC subway system was closed because of the damage; stated to be the worse in its 108 year history.  This storm may be the worst to hit the east coast ever.

In 2011, hurricane Irene caused an estimated 10 billion dollars in damage, clear estimates are not in yet for hurricane Sandy, but latest estimates put the damage over 50 billion.

Buildings, bridges, roads, transit systems, houses and other structures have been damaged and could take months to fully rebuild.  

What about damage to products in shipping?  After all at any given time there is well over a billion dollars of products and documentation in transit.  Fortunately, because of the advanced warning given, most of the major shippers and carriers were able to reroute, move or delay packages to avoid the storm.  In some cases inventory was moved inland, but we are expecting very little packaging damage issues caused by the storm.    There will be substantial delays in some as packages are sitting in warehouses waiting for shipping avenues to clear.

Weather related issues are just one of many problems that your shipped product could encounter.    Packnet offers a packaging audit service, at no cost, that will examine the risks of your current packaging system, and give you detailed advice on how to mitigate the risks.   Contact Packnet today for more information on its auditing program.