Packnet can help lean manufacturing efforts with material handling solutions

on September 27, 2012

Lean manufacturing essentially reduces costs by eliminating all waste associated with the fabrication of a part or product.  Waste is defined as any element or activity that does not add or create value for the end customer.

Moving, storing and shipping material can all be characterized as non-value added operations.   The end customer does not buy or use a product based on how it was shipped or transported, as long as it was not damaged along the way.

Packaging and crating solutions can help reduce waste especially if a broader view is taken of the supply chain (ie material movement from one facility to another).   There is no reason that handling containers cannot be designed that have multiple uses such as operation to operation handling, in process storage, shipping to customer facility and even being used for inter plant material handling and storage at the customers site.

Packnet firmly believes that well engineered packaging containers are durable, reusable and can save material handling, transport and stocking time by eliminating handling throughout the supply chain.